Thursday, May 29, 2014

Color Fashion: Chartreuse

1955 Studebaker President
Design by Raymond Loewy

Chartreuse is another modern color that became a mid-century fad, faded away and revived to become a classic (well, a classic right now.)

If you recall the first incarnation you may call it chartreuse, named for a curiously green liqueur .

If not, it's lime green.

Like much style of the 1950s we can thank Russel Wright

whose innovative color schemes for tableware
recharged post-War decorating.
My mother painted the dining room chartreuse in 1952
to match her dishes.

With wine red accents inside the shelves.

More nostalgia....

Chartreuse livestock

It's a great clue to a quilt made in the 1950s

or the 21st century....
Marie-Eve's quilt at Blue Square Quilting, 2010

See more about Russel Wright design in my post here:

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