Thursday, May 15, 2014

Celebrating Popular Culture: Entertainment

The Ballet Russe (Russian Ballet) in Paris exile
inspired fanciful Orientalism,
 a case of pop culture affecting design
in interiors, clothing and textile prints.

Leon Bakst did the costumes for Scheherazade and other ballets.

Hermes Scarf Ballet Russe
The Tale of Scheherazade and the 1001 Nights
was especially romantic.

Egyptian dress in fashion plate by 
Barbier for Paul Poiret

Print from a mid-century blouse

inspiring an Arabian nights theme that lasted for years.

Magic carpets and Minarets

Popular culture continued to influence print design.

TV and cowboy shows in a tea towel

Davy Crockett--
These prints can be
classified as conversation prints or novelty prints

Little Abner licensed comics print---
Daisy Mae

The dachshund fad of the fifties and sixties

Beatles from the 1960s

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  1. Todos los carteles son preciosos, mi preferido es el segundo!!