Thursday, May 22, 2014

Color Fashion: Turquoise

What's your favorite color?
This month mine is turquoise.

Despite having been traumatized in high school...

By a minimalist building with turquoise panels.

In the '60s I blamed it all on Frank Lloyd Wright
who favored the color. Here's his posthumous 1962 Marin County Civic Center Building
with the roof....
in swimming pool aqua.

The Wright look trickled down to vernacular architecture.
Most of those panels did not hold up well aesthetically or colorwise, fading over the decades.

Now I love the color.

 A few turquoise quilts from online auctions.

From Rod Kiracofe's collection

Where are those turquoise cooktops now?

I found a few recent quilts with a '60s color palette. This
one from QuiltDabbler.

2 from Busy Bee #16

Here's a Frank Lloyd Wright quilt
by Julie in NM

Kaleidsoscope  from Kenda's Crafts


  1. I have always liked turquoise but am dismayed that so many of the pictures "speak" to me, the a time long ago. LOL

  2. That first ebay quilt is now hanging on a ladder in my guest bedroom...lots of turquoise there!

  3. I learned to love turquise in 1963 when Freddy, who had been in USA for some years, came home with a car much like the one above. What he came home to was a small island, with 25 inhabitants, in Denmark. The car was some wider than the road.