Monday, May 5, 2014

Modern Print Monday: Walter Crane

Artichoke wallpaper by Walter Crane
printed by Jeffrey & Co., 1895
Collection of the Victoria and Albert Museum

Walter Crane (1845-1915 ) in 1886

Walter Crane was a prolific artist and designer in late-19th-century England, best known as a book illustrator in arts & craft style.  He also designed tiles and wallpaper.

Two of Crane's wallpaper designs appear in this 1902 German article.
To the left of CFA Voysey's Bird & Tulip, above,
 Cockatoo & Pomegranate in the center.

In the center: Crane's The Hunt
next to a William Morris & Company design.

The Morris influence is obvious.

Crane's pomegranates, 1899

William Morris's pomegranates, 1866

Mary Frances Andrews Crane, 1886

In this photo from the Victoria & Albert collection
Crane's`wife's "rational dress" is printed with pairs of birds, 
a variation of Morris's "Strawberry Thief" pattern.

Strawberry Thief

Like his fellow aesthetic designers, Crane's repeat pattern work was for wall paper
rather than textiles, although easily adaptable.

His collectible books featured repeat pattern

The Victoria & Albert Museum is the source for Crane's wallpaper designs.
Here's a search:

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  1. Lovely designs, I could live with some walls covered with his work. I have some art nouveau design lighting to go with it, but sections would have to be white to back the lights. Otherwise the whole idea would be over the top!