Thursday, May 1, 2014

Celebrating Popular Culture: The Cocktail

Drinking and smoking in a print.

Prohibition was a terrible idea.

But it gave us a cocktail culture
that began in the 1920s and lasted through the 1960s.

Once it was forbidden, drinking became glamorous.

1955 Illustration by Ruth McRae

The Thin Man

Many trendy items dedicated to drinking were sold.

Special textiles like cocktail napkins

bar towels and dish towels,

and cocktail aprons,

all required cocktail fabrics.

Panel printed with an apron to be cut out and hemmed.

The prints often featured drink recipes
and grenadine and bitters were a kitchen necessity.

Bar towel


  1. great post. I found a linen table with drawings and recipes for cocktails on it from the same era. Check it out at my blog here:

    1. Brenda---I have a few aprons but the tablecloths can be a whole new collecting focus.