Thursday, April 11, 2013

Principles of Modernism: Abstraction

Floral quilt

Day Lilies

Artists translate nature by abstracting what they see to the page or the cloth.

Day Lily
Watercolor by Jane Brackman
In her watercolors my sister knows just what to take out and what to leave in.

Quilt Block 1840-1890
Part of the appeal of patchwork quilts is the genius in the abstraction...

...What to take out and what to leave in.
Color is left in so we can guess these are lilies.


Quilt blocks
Basic flower shapes and stems are left in.
Here the leaves are left out
but it's still a lily.

Detail of a top
Some abstractions are more successful than others.
But then again, it may just be a matter of taste.

Day Lily
Ruffled Red by Ruth B. McDowell

See Some of Ruth's recent quilts here:

Day Lilies
Water color by Jane Brackman

Lily from a mid-19th-century album quilt

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