Thursday, April 18, 2013

Modern Panel: Prairie School Window

Prairie School Window
By Georgann Eglinski
20-5/8" X 28-7/8"

Every month for the next year I'll post a free pattern for needlework inspired by the modern movement here. See the April, 2013 pattern at the bottom of the page.

Tree of Life
Cut-out Chintz quilt
Attributed to Florence Outerbridge, 1812
From the Flack Collection

Modernism pushed abstraction beyond traditional boundaries.

Tree of Life window
by Frank Lloyd Wright
For the Darwin Martin House

Architect Frank Lloyd Wright's stained glass windows are based on plant life. He reduced basic shapes  to strict geometries and left out much of the detail.

Frank Lloyd Wright
for the Tomek House 1907.
Collection of the Art Institute of Chicago
See more here:

Although the window designs are extremely abstract one can see plants in the linear layout and the complexity at the top of the plant where the flowers would be.
Frank Lloyd Wright
Window attributed to the Frick House

Frank Lloyd Wright
Window for the Boynton House 1908

Wright is classified as a member of the Prairie School of Architecture, centered in Chicago.

Inspired by Wright's abstractions (Here's the Darwin Martin window upside down) I designed Prairie School Window for the chapter on Modernism in my book Making History: Quilts & Fabrics 1890-1970.

Prairie School Window by Libby Fife
Libby made two versions

Prairie School Window by Libby Fife
Here she's pieced an abstract rose into the 
squares (G)

Here's a link to Libby's Blog: Quilted Craftsman

Below is the pattern taken from my book Making History:

Finished Size:
20-5/8" X 28-7/8"
Fabric Requirements
Background: 1/2 yard
Leaves, Stems & Border
     Dark: 1/2 yard
     Light: 1/2 yard
Rose: Fat quarter
Backing: 3/4 yard
Batting: 27" x 35"
Binding: 1/4 yard

A Cut 4 squares 1-7/8"  for corners
B - Cut 2 rectangles 1-7/8" x 18-3/8" for top and bottom border
C - Cut 2 rectangles 1-7/8" x 26-5/8" for side borders
Stems & Leaves
B - Cut 3 rectangles 1-7/8" x 18-3/8" for stems
E - Cut 6 dark and 7 light rectangles 1-7/8" x 3-1/4" for leaves
G - Cut 3 square 4-5/8"
B - Cut 1 rectangle 1-7/8" x 18-3/8" 
D - Cut 4 rectangles 1-7/8" x 4-5/8"
F - Cut 2 rectangles 3-1/4" x 18-3/8"
H - Cut 4 rectangles 4-5/8" x 18-3/8"

Georgann quilted an abstract rose---a Glasgow Rose---into the squares at the top. Click on this picture, copy it to a word file or jpg and print it out. The square should be 4-1/4".

She emphasized the vertical nature of the panel by echoing the piecing lines in the rest of her quilting.


  1. Libby is my friend and I recommended she read this new blog of yours, Barbara. Imagine my surprise this morning when I saw your post and work from Libby displayed here!

  2. I really enjoy Libby's blog since she thinks Arts & Crafts in lots of mediums.

    1. Yes, it's all about getting down to the bare essentials for her.