Monday, October 7, 2013

Modern Print Monday: Russel Wright

Symbols by Russel Wright

Russel Wright

Few people had more effect on American taste than Russel Wright. He was an industrial designer who revolutionized interior design with his tableware, beginning with "American Modern" for Stuebenville Pottery in 1937. Two years later he began designing for Bauer Pottery.
It was not only the shape but the color that
was so distinctive

Symbols in another colorway.
Particularly the innovative lime green called chartreuse.
The fabric was designed for tablecloths to
coordinate with the dishes.

The plastic version of Wright's tableware
was Brookpark from Melmac.

Wright used nature's colors in a novel combination that 
defined American modernism in the 1950s

Wright's home Manitoga in New York
is open to the public.

Hunter green, pink
And deep red

The perfect 50's dress with fabric inspired
by Wright's signature color scheme.

My collection of Wright-inspired table ware

Symbols in gray with blue

Visit Wright's home, Manitoga:


  1. Nice collection! I think you deserve one of his tablecloths.

  2. Would love to see Symbols reproduced as fabric or even an area rug. Thanks for the links and info.

  3. Symbols is a great fabric....maybe we will see some in the future?? His colors still work today,.,I do love that chartreuse. I do enjoy Modern Print Mondays!

  4. Nifty-wouldn't that tablecloth require ironing? Someone should reproduce Symbols, but remember these mid-century patterns are still under copyright and would have to be licensed.

  5. I have a set of plastic play dishes I received as a child which are Wright's American Modern design! They look just exactly like the grown-up dishes
    I love that dress in his fabric.

  6. Oops....i forgot that I have a bunch of PINK Brookpark Melmac, too.