Thursday, October 24, 2013

Surrealism and Fashion

Photograph by Man Ray

Son of Man
by Rene Magritte

Surrealism is an aspect of modernism that might be
viewed as so esoteric it's had little real impact,
but their major principle of strange juxtapositions
has had lasting influence.

Surrealism in fashion is more than just
a blip on the historical landscape.
Here is a costume Adrian designed for Rosalind Russell
for the 1939 movie The Women.

Parisian Elsa Schiaparelli also collaborated with
surrealists for fashion.
Here she is wearing her shoe/hat and a fitted jacket with
pockets shaped like lips.

Above a Schiaparelli dress printed with rips and tears.
Fabric by Salvador Dali.

A collaboration between Schiaparelli and
Jean Cocteau, 1937

Most of Schiaparelli's surrealistic designs were too outre for any customers,
but her Bowknot knit sweater from 1927
is just on this side of the edge,
where it's had a good deal of influence

Inspiring a dress by Hermes.

Another Adrian with an illusional swag designed into the fabric.

Mikanos from Maison Lanvin

Lady Gaga's been thinking about surrealism

And so has designer
Piero Fornasetti

T-shirt in the surrealistic tradition

Surrealism endures.

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