Monday, July 7, 2014

Modern Print Monday: Eduard Josef Wimmer-Wisgrill

Print by Eduard Josef Wimmer-Wisgrill
Collection of the Harvard Art Museum

Eduard Josef Wimmer-Wisgrill 1882-1961

Wimmer-Wisgrill was a student at Austria's Kunstgewerbeschule (School of Applied Arts) under Wiener Werkstätte masters Josef Hoffman amd Kolomon Moser. Upon his 1907 graduation he joined the workshop and became artistic director of the fashion department.

During the mid-twenties he lived in the United States, teaching at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, but returned to Vienna after a few years.

Postcard painting by Mela Koehler
of a dress designed by Wimmer-Wisgrill
from a printed fabric designed by Kolomon Moser
for the Weiner Werkstatte

The Wiener Werkstätte, theViennese Workshop,
was about collaboration as the above
costume and painting show.

Wimmer-Wisgill primarily designed
clothing from fabrics by other Workshop artists.

A collaboration with Gustav Klimt?

The print in this New Year's card is attributed to him
but it seems he specialized in costume---

Sonja Knips in a print similar to the Wimmer-Wisgrill
stripe above, 1911.

Autumn Sun by Wimmer-Wisgill, 1910-12,
Art Institute of Chicago

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  1. Once more, this is a very interesting post! I recently went to Vienna and was amazed by Klimt and his friend Emilie Flöge, a great designer :
    Her dresses are wonderful and so modern!