Monday, July 14, 2014

Modern Print Monday: Duncan Grant

Clouds by Duncan Grant
on a chair at his home Charleston.

Duncan Grant 1885–1978
Self-portrait, 1920

Duncan Grant was primarily a painter. With friends Roger Fry and Vanessa Bell he
founded the Omega Workshops in 1913 to integrate art and craft in England.

Grant's fabrics like "Great Wind" were
done in painterly style, often with classical revival inspiration

Great Wind and several other Grant fabrics are being reproduced today.

Grant's biggest decorating commission was the Queen Mary ocean liner
for which the above print was designed.
The Cunard management did not like the finished products
and most of his ideas for the ship were never installed.
Read more about the Queen Mary and Duncan Grant here:

And see his biography at the Tate Modern here:

More pictures of Charleston here:


  1. These are so great! I remember when Laura Ashley was reproducing them--30 years ago? Wish I'd bought a bolt of each.

  2. Nifty--thanks for the idea. They re-issued them in 2013.
    Here's a link

  3. The design featuring Daphne and Apollo is called West Wind and, incidentally, there is a copyright on the photo' of my cushion! Yours, Antique-inspired Textile Designs.