Thursday, March 13, 2014

Quilt Borders: Opening It Up

Quilt about 1900 from M. Finkel & Daughter

The placid green border corrals a dynamic design.
Would the composition be better with or without the
green border? It's probably a matter of taste.

A red paisley border on three sides confines this
top from about 1900, creating tension between
pattern and frame.

Borders can introduce a calming or static quality to a composition.

Borders are such a strong design element
that taking liberties with them
creates new dynamics.

Vintage top

Today's quilt artists play against that visual corral.

Blue City Quilt
by Thomas Knauer
(Many of these photos were taken at last year's QuiltCon)

Breaking the border can be an effective design principle.

Off Centered Improv by Faith Jones

2 + 2 by Colleen Wootton

Border remnants also introduce an interesting element

by Alicia Merrett

by Alicia Merrett

Shattered by Jacquie Gering

Displacing the border....

Unraveled by Kati Spencer

Isn't that the border in the middle of the quilt?

Lanterns in the City by Audrie Bidwell

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