Monday, November 18, 2013

Modern Print Monday: Paris

The print Paris was inspired by the designs of Raoul Dufy and Paul Poiret

The document print.
I have about a half a yard of this dress print in blue green.

We reproduced in fairly closely in Baltic Blue here

Mme. Dufy by Raoul Dufy, 1930

The two color piece with it's dense floral reminded me of Raoul Dufy's early 20th century designs. He is primarily remembered as a painter but he designed fabric in Paris about 1910-20.

The prints were often dark on white,
influenced by the look of hand-carved woodblock prints.

Dufy's blockprinted label design for a perfume
Toute la Foret from Paul Poiret.

Persian Coat by Poiret on the left; print by Dufy.

The print called Paris is printed in a variety of shades---Parisian apricot

Scots Rose Red
Cafe Brown
And Klimt Olive

See more about Dufy's fabric designs here:

And here:


  1. Another very appealing line! Love that apricot.

  2. Just gorgeous line with that Klimt olive.

  3. Love this print, particularly the apricot and red versions.