Monday, November 4, 2013

Modern Print Monday: Coblenz

For the next few weeks I am going to post about the prints in my new reproduction collection Modernism for Moda. Each Monday I'll show you a print and discuss the style. The yardage should be in shops next month.

Coblentz, reproduction from Modernism

This repro comes from a piece of gauzy wool in a box of vintage modern prints in the Moda fabric library. 

It was probably screen-printed in the 1930s and the drawing style---so hand-drawn looking---may have been inspired by the hand-printed yardage from the team of Phyllis Barron and Dorothy Larcher. Enid Marx worked with them and did her own block-printed yardages.

Phyllis Barron & Dorothy Larcher
Pointed Pip 1930's

"Pointed Pip" is typical of their style. The pattern was carved in a block (probably a linoleum block) and hand printed in a single color onto white fabric.

Enid Marx, Zig-Zag, 1935
The prints are very free and very geometric. They often have a linear set.

Barron & Larcher

This one was probably printed batik-fashion, with the lines printed in a waxy substance that
remained light in an indigo dye bath.

With the Coblenz print I am thinking Log Cabins and Borders.

And fake Log Cabins made out of 4 fussy cut triangles
like this mock-up.

See a post on Phyllis Barron here:

Enid Marx:


  1. love the Coblenz and Enid Marx...World of Interiors has featured a lot of the English textile designers over the years and the fabrics ALWAYS make me wish we had something half as nice. Glad you are bringing them out.