Thursday, October 2, 2014

Modern Quilts: Brushstrokes

Brushstrokes are difficult to find in patchwork.

Commercial comforters from
Anthropologie & Urban Outfitters

1) Find or paint a brushstroke fabric.
2) Make a wholecloth tied or quilted piece...

Painted heart by Uniquely Jen Quilt Creations
Large or small

The other option is to piece or applique painted or hand-dyed fabrics
that have brush-stroke-like qualities

A distinctly Frieda Anderson look

Colorwaves by Bailey Earith

But fabric and brushstrokes are hard to combine. Perhaps a Roy Lichtenstein challenge?

Brushstroke Sculpture by
Roy Lichtenstein

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  1. Some Marcia Durse and some Malka Dubrawsky fabrics have a brushstroke look