Monday, September 15, 2014

Modern Print Monday: Hector Guimard

Wallpaper by Hector Guimard
Paris, 1898

Hector Guimard, 1867-1942
Guimard was primarily an architect.

Wallpaper for the Castel Beranger, 1898
Castel Beranger
One of the things I wanted to see when I went to Paris this
summer was work by Hector Guimard,

most famous for his Paris Metro stations.

They are Art Nouveau magic.

I'd hoped that Guimard also designed textiles,
but found only that he did a limited amount of repeat pattern
wall paper, as at the top of the page.

He also embroidered his sinuous lines. He embroidered this silk on
linen handkerchief for his wife when they married.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art has several Guimard pieces:

As does the Cooper-Hewitt:

He designed furniture upholstery too

but no repeat pattern textiles that I could find.

Hotel Mazarra

I came across some buildings walking around near the Seine. They are distinctive and often signed. What a delightful surprise.

And online I found a new silk scarf printed with a Guimard 
architectural drawing.

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  1. Lovely post! Thanks for sharing! I just love the idea that he embroidered a handkerchief for his wife. How romantic is that!?! I am currently in the process of setting-up a small company that will advise home-woners with their period decorating projects in Art Nouveau style. Next year, we hope to be able to deliver the Hector Guimard wallpapers too! (