Thursday, September 18, 2014

Line for Line's Sake: Modern Quilts

Run and Fall
Here's one of the great quilts of
the 21st century by Denyse Schmidt

Line and color----
but line dominates in these modern quilts.

Elements 11 by Robin Ferrier
Although sometimes there is some real competition from color.

Jennifer Overstreet
Just line; no color.

Joe Cunningham, Sailor's Delight

Modern Asymmetry from Pine Needle Quilt Shop

Organic Log Cabin
Latifah Saafir

Ann Stamm Merrill

Sandi Klop for
American Jane

Brown Bag Quilt by Fiberchick

Paved Paradise by Dustin Cecil

Double Wedding Ring by Mike McNamara

Orange Peel Tile Quilt
by Bobbi Finley

Beanstalk by Tula Pink


  1. Great collection of modern quilts. Thanks!

  2. I am in love with all of these! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I too am drawn to ALL of the quilts in this post. Love the way you can see and show us that the "new" has been done in the past.