Thursday, June 5, 2014

Color Fashion: The Wright Combination

Barkcloth quilt
perhaps from the early 1950s

Post-war style was more than just chartreuse. The perfect fifties color palette featured greens from acid yellow to dark hunter green played against gray with pink, peach and reds for accent.

The Rusell Wright palette derived from his china and pottery.

The trend compelled the stylish to cover their hardwood
floors with linoleum tiles.

and paint their garage doors to match their cars.

Vintage linen dress

Russel Wright dishes at his home Manitoga

Quilt from the era

The more inexpensive version of the Wright pottery look was Franciscan's Tiempo line,
introduced in 1948.

Russel Wright wasn't the only Wright influencing color
at the time. Here's the current interior of Frank Lloyd Wright's
Bachman Wilson house of 1954.

Vogue 1952

Bark cloth bathrobe

Alarmingly trendy vintage decorating fabric

Tied comforter from the era.

Embroidered strip quilt dated 1959

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