Thursday, June 26, 2014

Color Fashion: Avacado and Harvest Gold

In the late 1960s, about the time I went to housekeeping (as the Amish say),
 the color trend was avocado green and harvest gold.

Russel Wright clock

A look back at the time will inspire cringes or admiration
depending on your age and memories.

The look was a form of an earth tone palette, linked to the younger

and a flower-power graphic.

Motorhome and mini-plush shag

The pervasive palette was probably second only to Richard Nixon in inspiring a generation of young people to say, "I can't live like this!" and drop out, as we used to say.

Update: Here's Jeanne's top. See the comments.


  1. my husband was a white on white on white believer, but I rebelled and bought a harvest gold washer and dryer for the laundry room (a verrrry small walk in). Now, over 40 years later, I live in a condo and painted two accent walls a beautiful dark red (sangria) (more brown tones no pinks) and the rest of the walls are painted in "hazelnut" a beige (no yellow tones) and the ceilings are even painted a 10% hazelnut. My husband loved it! Took a while but converted him.

  2. I'm also old enough to have lived through the avocado era. I don't know how to make this link smaller, but here's a pic of my avocado/burnt orange/harvest gold Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt -- so similar to your photo!

    I got it at a flea market at least 10 years ago, and use it as a table topper during September/autumn. The colors are a trip down memory lane for me.

    Giggling at your Nixon joke! :)

  3. A few years ago the color gods declared sage and golden rod the 'in" colors. I took one look and thought, "you can't fool me I know harvest gold and avocado when I see it!"

  4. We lived in an old farmhouse, so white was our theme, lol.
    I do remember the colors though;)


  5. Been there, done that, lol. But my memories are fond. I'm having a harder time with 1980s peach, which looks to be coming back now as well.