Monday, December 2, 2013

Modern Print Monday: Vienna

Vienna print from my Modernism reproduction
collection for Moda

The document print was probably once
a quilt backing. You can see the wrinkles
where the lines of quilting were.

The original was faded---the large-scale cretonne prints of the early 20th century were not as colorfast as our prints today. In the wrinkles we got a better idea of the original color, which we called Baltic Blue.

Here's the reproduction of that print in Baltic Blue.

The line has four colorways.

What caught my eye in the original was THAT ROSE.

Maria Likarz fashion plate
 in the form of a postcard

Big, splashy, painterly roses were a fashion necessity in the teens and twenties from Vienna...

Paul Poiret coat, fashion plate by Paul Iribe.

to Paris....

Design by Edouard Benedictus

Large abstracted florals
defined flapper glamour.

Vienna in Klimt Olive

Vienna in Cafe Brown

Flapper humor?


  1. The colors in this series are very apealing. Love the Baltic Blue and the olive background color way as well. The chocolate color scheme reminds me of a dress I had when I was about 5 (mid last century) Thanks again for all the wonderful info on this blog! I enjoy all your blogs! Happy Holidays! cheers, Claire W.