Monday, December 23, 2013

Modern Print Monday: Barcelona

Barcelona, a geometric print in my Modernism collection comes
in two colorways.

The document print. I think it might be late 19th century
but it seemed to capture the spirit of Modernism...

Coat and fabric by 
Sonia Delaunay

in it's serpentine stripe,

An image Delaunay embraced.

Costume for a Ballets Russe performance of Cleopatra, 1918
by Sonia Delaunay


  1. I'm trying to understand the scale. Are those swatches at the bottom 5" squares? Wonderful colors in this new line.

  2. 5". This is one of the small scale prints. It would be fabulous large scale too ---like Sonia's coat.

  3. The color differences are interesting, from the past to the present. I like your colors better, but then I'm not really a yellow person.