Monday, September 23, 2013

Modern Print Monday: Frank Lloyd Wright

Silk-Screened Cotton from the Taliesin Line
for Schumacher by Frank Lloyd Wright

Frank Lloyd Wright (1857-1959) in 1938

In 1956 Wright did a line of 12 decorator prints and wallpapers for Schumacher's. Each design in the Taliesin line had a number rather than a name. 

Wright was a  mid-century architectural superstar. He advocated unified interior and exterior design in his buildings. He didn't do much textile design, probably because he preferred less pattern, but this series fit right into his interiors. Schumacher printed it for years.

Wright design for a side chair

Taliesin was a sixth-century Welsh poet. Wright gave the name to his home in Wisconsin and his winter home in Arizona.

The triangle design also came in olive and blue.

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  1. Thanks! I didn't know he designed fabrics. Those triangles could inspire a quilt. Your Modernism line looks really fun!