Monday, September 2, 2013

Modern Print Monday: Alexander Girard

Eden by Alexander Girard 1944

Alexander Girard 1907-1993
New Mexico

Girard was born in Italy, trained in England as an architect and worked in the U.S. as a textile designer for Herman Miller furnishings from 1952 to 1973. He also designed for Braniff Airlines. Girard collected folk art and lived in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Eden, pattern designed for a tray in 1944 and later as furnishing fabric, reflects that environment with allusions to folkloric imagery and a bright, flat palette. 

Eden and other recolored Girard designs are still in production.* 

(*After I wrote that I find all I see in production are Girard's wovens from Herman Miller and Knoll.)


  1. Are there any textile companies that reproduce the designs in facric?

  2. Stephanie---I had a note that you could still buy Eden and other prints from Herman Miller but all I see are woven textiles being re-issued. Sorry to get your hopes up.