Monday, May 20, 2013

Modern Print Monday: Lucienne Day

Calyx by Lucienne Day

This print set design off in a new direction. English designer Day's post-war floral abstraction came to define mid-century modernism.

Lucienne Conradi Day (1917-2010) 
with husband Robin Day

Lesley Jackson in Twentieth Century Pattern Design describes Day's influences:
"...The cartoons of Saul Steinberg, the paintings of Miro and Klee, Alexander Calder's mobiles and the sculptures of Naum Gabo."

Robin Day was an equally influential furniture designer. 
His Polypropylene Chair from 1963 has been quite a success.

See Lucienne Day's obituary here:
Do a web search for images  Lucienne Day to see more iconic designs.
And read the preview of Lesley Jackson's book, Robin and Lucienne Day: Pioneers in Modern Design


  1. Boy, do I wish someone would reprint these fabrics!

  2. Me, too! Great fabrics, no matter what "category" they fall in. Thanks for another great lesson, Barbara.

  3. Denniele did some digital legwork and found this lookalike

    The thing is fabric from the 50s is still in copyright so you have to get a license to reproduce it from the copyright owner.

  4. Love that calyx print too. Thanks for all this information Barbara, I'm really enjoying and appreciating your posts.