Thursday, May 2, 2013

Abstraction in Today's Modern Quilts

The Poppies
from a Crafty Course

Modernism is about pushing abstraction. We know it's a poppy because whoever made it says it's a poppy.

Tulip Tree
 Denyse Schmidt

Here are two traditional abstractions (another oxymoron)---representations of nature.

See more at Denyse Schmidt's webpage:

Twelve Trees
From Oakshott Fabrics
They sell a kit:

I had a hard time finding abstracted imagery that the makers would classify as modern quilts---which makes me think that representations are just as foreign to today's modern movement as they were to the abstract painters of the post World War II years.

Painting by Mark Rothko
No. 3/No. 13 (Magenta, Black, Green on Orange), 
Collection of the Museum of Modern Art
See the Museum's Rothko collection by clicking here:

Nevertheless: I found a few interesting abstractions in modern quilts.
Click on these links:

Jacquie Gering's Tulip at Tallgrass Prairie Studios

Sheila Frampton-Cooper's quilts:

And several at the West Michigan Quilters guild show:


  1. Those quilts are gorgeous! Thanks for picking these examples.

  2. Thanks for your eagle eye and willingness to report to all of us. Always find your blogs interesting and educational -- and humorous -- art history indeed. lol.
    Reminds me of a class in college, architectural history, a subject that actually interested me, but taught by the meanest and most boring teacher I have ever had. So glad that you are expansive and funny, and my teacher.

  3. Hey, Art history wasn't so sure beat "The Picaresque Novel" as a class subject! I'm not that crazy about the moderne quilts but my 32 year old daughter would rather have one of those than one's I've already made her.....just sayin'...arden

  4. Thanks for posting a link to my site Barbara! However, I do not consider myself to be a "modern quilter". I'm fairly new to quilting, but I'm an artist who loves abstraction, and always has. :)

  5. Sheila--Nobody likes labels, but you do a terrific job with abstraction and solid color.