Monday, November 3, 2014

Modern Print Monday: Neckties

Neckties from the 1940s and '50s
were the acme of modernism.

Some were advertised as hand-painted
as in this R monogram tie.

Many companies had a hand in the fad. Here's a tie 
signed the California Artists Guild.

Ardley of Hollywood
Hand Painted

A "Studio Stencil"


Some look airbrushed

Others cut from continuous pattern yardage

but many feature a graphic designed
to fit the form, probably silk-screened.

Here's a crazy quilt from an online auction

The variety of embroidery stitches might make one think it was late
19th century...

but the necktie shape and imagery is a giveaway to mid-20th-century.

1951 ad from the Cutter Cravat company of Chicago

The copy:
"Styled for You!
A Confident...Secure...Right Feeling is yours when
you wear a Cutter Cravat Artist Original. Friends will
compliment your taste."

And people ask why my generation rejected middle class culture.

Well, not all of us.


  1. Wow those ties are the ones I need to finish up a bunch of crazy quilt blocks I was given at the end of my time with the local quilt guild. I love them (those ties)

  2. Too bad they have gotten so collectible and expensive.

  3. What a great post!! I've been collecting ties from thrift stores for years, mostly wide 70's ties, the louder the colors the better. Those earlier ties are amazing!!

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