Monday, August 18, 2014

Modern Print Monday: Ross Littell

With so many free-lance designers it is sometimes difficult to figure out
who actually designed a piece. Last week I showed this
print Trapeze from Laverne Incorporated and credited the design
to Estelle Laverne, but now I realize it was likely designed by
Ross Littell who worked for Laverne in the 1950s.

Ross Littell 

Mira by Ross Littell, 1958

Littell was working at a time when
printed pattern was out of fashion. He was one of few designing textiles for
Knoll, Herman Miller and other furniture makers who produced
repeat prints.

His work is very late-1950s, '60s-style.

Textiles include screen printed wall hangings.

Littell was born in California, graduated from New York City's
Pratt Institute and worked for several furniture companies
designing furniture and textiles. About 1960 he moved to Copenhagen to design furniture
and later to Italy.

Bard College had a show of Knoll Textiles a few years ago.
Watch a video of his son David Littell
walking through the Littell exhibit

Mira is one of a couple of Littell prints that have
been reproduced. See it as a sheer here:

Tomoko is also currently available.

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