Monday, April 7, 2014

Modern Print Monday: Rockwell Kent

Harvest Time
by Rockwell Kent for Bloomcraft, Inc., 1950

Rockwell Kent (1882- 1971) Self-portrait.
New York

Kent is remembered today as a book illustrator, particularly for his prints for Moby Dick.

He was also a print maker and a painter.

Mount Equinox, Winter, 1921
Collection of the Art Institute of Chicago

Like Thomas Hart Benton and Grant Wood he worked in a regionalist style capturing familiar landscapes and idealizing rural life.

Deer Season, 1950

Deer Season and Harvest Time are two prints representing Kent
at this year's exhibit Artists' Textiles at London's Fashion and Textile Museum

Read about the exhibit which closes on May 17, 2014.

The Metropolitan Museum has several painted
designs for fabric. Were they ever produced?

The Philadelphia Museum of Art has quite a collection of Kent pieces:

The Plattsburgh State Art Museum (SUNY) also has collections of works on paper, canvas and a few textiles.

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