Monday, November 10, 2014

Modern Print Monday: Curtain Call

I've been entertaining myself with this blog on modernism
for quite a while, but I have run out of things to say.

I haven't quite run out of pictures, however,

so here are a few I couldn't find a place for.

I'm not saying I won't pick up the thread again if I find something
new to say about the history of modernism and textiles.

If you subscribe by email you'll get a post notice if I 
resume blogging here.

Otherwise, as Bob Hope, spokesman for my
parents' generation, used to say...

"Thanks for the Memories."


  1. You don't have to say anything, the pictures are enough.
    I have bits of the drapes that hung in my parents 'new' house, built in the early 1950s. Mom had the living room painted a Wedgwood blue. She bought the fabric & either made the drapes herself or had them made. The floral fabric had rich green foliage & red, blue & yellow flowers. She told me the fabric was called "Happy Marriage", because it could go with any color.

  2. Thanks so much for this seminar in modern art and fabrics. Amusing, entertaining and painlessly educational. And for me often a trip down memory lane, this last post especially. Remembering curtains of my mother's, I now realize she was a proponent of modern. Surprising to know.

  3. I have enjoyed it very much. Thank you.

  4. Like so many others, I have really enjoying stepping back into the "modern" world I grew up in. This Curtain Call post was the icing on the cake for me, because of THE LAMP pictured in the photo with those 3 handsome children. My family had that exact same lamp - ruffled shade and all in our living room in the 1950's. The curtains in that room were geometric shapes in aqua, pink and charcoal on a white background. Mother had the ceiling in that room painted pink! Whew - the good old days! Thank you for all the great posts!

  5. Thanks for a fun and informative trip down memory lane!

  6. I have really enjoyed all of your 'Modern" posts! Thanks so much for going to the time and effort. I've learned a lot and enjoyed all the pictures and links! Thanks again!

  7. I've loved this blog and have learned a lot. Your considered and fun posts inspired me! Thank you so much for the time you've spent here.

  8. I've read a lot of your posts on this blog but have used it as a reference far more often that I thought possible. Thanks for a valuable resource for all of us--will it stay "live" so I can continue to refer to it? (And we had "the Lamp" too--two of them on my grandmother's end tables!)


  9. I'll leave all these posts up here so people doing a websearch for words like "modern quilt scale" or "quilt minimalism" etc. can find information. And there's a search this blog box over on the right which will help you find a post you are looking for.
    The lamp. They must have been a grandma magnet. Mine had some too.

  10. Sorry to see you stop posting--I've really enjoyed this blog!

  11. I've really enjoyed this Blog. Thanks for leaving it up as I love to thumb through old posts on occasion. Now I have to go piece some more stars. Thanks!

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